PDF Auto

A digital PDF scraping tool that allows data from your energy bills to be imported into your invoice validation and reporting application.

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How it works

The cloud-based PDF translation tool allows the uploading of any utility supplier’s PDF invoice which will then be identified, matched to the correct supplier’s template and converted into a simple to read and import, excel output file.

Fast and accurate

It takes less than <1 second to process an invoice and 400 can be imported in less than 5 minutes. We’re proud of its excellent speed but it’s also incredibly accurate, with a 95% process rate therefore saving you and your clients, time and money.

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What are the benefits?

Unify No Manual Entry

No more manual invoice entry

The system allows for digital PDF’s to be converted into a standard format file ready for import into your bill validation system

Unify Cloud Based

Cloud Based

The application allows for customers to be identified and filtered so that you can process large numbers of individual files without spending hours renaming files

Unify Easy To Use

Easy to use

Streamlined interface that allows files to be converted in just a few clicks

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Say goodbye to manual data entry and reduced cost to serve with the PDF Auto application

Have you ever wanted to be able to import energy invoices but only have a digital pdf? Well now there may be an answer; Unify’s PDF Auto application.

Our experts are happy to give you a free demonstration of PDF Auto to highlight all of the benefits it could bring to your business.

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