Allows the creation of budgets for any contract type in a structured and organised way, and most importantly includes future non-commodity cost forecasts.

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How it works

Budgets are a basic requirement of any successful energy services provision, but these can be very complex, especially with flexibly purchased electricity and gas. Trying to create forecast models for individual clients’ bespoke needs and periods can be extremely challenging, often ending up with vast spreadsheet creations tied to the original authors.


Non-Commodity Cost Calculator

Do you struggle to forecast or understand non-commodity energy-related costs?

Boost your confidence and gain all the knowledge you need with our handy dynamic cost calculation tool. 

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What are the benefits?

Unify All Contract Types

Covers all contract types

Allows for the build up of any type of budget forecast irrespective of the type of contract or purchasing model. Feed in the contract information and then select which future non commodity models you want to use, and out pops your budget for the next 2-5 years

Unify Flexible Options

Flexible options

Budgets can be stored, copied, adjusted or extended based on the specific requirements and financial periods

Unify Summary Output

Summary Output

The output includes an intuitive summary as well as detailed outputs for all of the elements that have been calculated by period and cost type

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Discover the benefits of Budgets and Non-Commodity Cost Calculator today

If you are tired of trying to do complex budgets in spreadsheets, which seem like some form of dark art, then we have the solution. Our experts are happy to give you a free demonstration of Budgets to highlight all of the benefits it could bring to your business.

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