Carbon Intensity Report

Real time UK generation mix carbon intensity information.

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What it provides

The Carbon Intensity Report provides real time UK Generation Mix Carbon Intensity information, updated every half hour. This report is provided complementary with all versions of Unify.

The graphs and tables can be drilled into further to show regional carbon intensity generation mix data.

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What are the benefits?

Unify Increased Client Engagement

Increased Client Engagement

This comprehensive report drives client engagement on all things carbon related, from the de-carbonisation of UK power generation to the GB carbon index and the regional make-up of this data

Unify Net Zero Context

Net Zero Context

All of those “Net-Zero” conversations can now have some proper basis for discussion; watch the GB generation mix push up to over 70% zero carbon on a hot sunny windy day!

Unify 5 Day Co2 Forecast

5 Day Forecast

There is also a carbon intensity forecast for the next 5 days which includes useful temperature data with low, normal and high reference trends based on historic data

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