Document Store

A cloud-based library of documents and other items that can be shared within your organisation and with your clients.

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What it provides

Unify’s document store provides cloud-based document or file sharing from within a common application, with a single sign on and easy to navigate interface.

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What are the benefits?

Unify Client Document Sharing

Client document sharing

Allows sharing of documents with your clients for common elements such as compliance forms or templated information

Unify Document Pushed To Clients

Documents and Reports pushed to clients

Reports or other outputs can be 'pushed' directly to clients without having to rely on emails as a storage medium

Unify Central Storage

Central store for agreements

Allows client agreements, supply contracts or other documents to be stored in a central location, accessible by anyone with authorisation

Unify Internal Document Sharing

Internal document sharing

Documents can be shared internally without needing your own cloud infrastructure

Unify Document Tags

Document Categories and tags

Documents can be stored in categories along with tags that allow for quick reference and searching

Unify Audit Trail

Audit Trail

A full audit trail is provided detailing when documents were uploaded, amended or deleted

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