Market Eye

Provides end-users and TPI's access to live market prices for a wide range of UK gas and electricity traded markets.

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How it works

Market Eye’s screen shows key traded periods for UK Gas and Electricity, giving your team a view of the latest market prices, so they can secure the best prices for their energy. Where there is no traded price for a particular period, Market Eye will display implied prices.

You can also view and export up to two years of market trend history through Market Eye, which can help support procurement discussions with clients.

Market Eye now provides Day Ahead insights as well as Months, Quarters and Seasons. 

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What are the benefits?

Unify Access To Live

Access to live market prices*

So you can update internal stakeholders or customers with up-to-date market prices and mitigate re-tendering

Unify Optimise

Optimise your income

If market prices fall while your client is deciding whether it’s the right contract for them, the level of commission you receive could increase

Unify Competitive

Competitive pricing

Our solution is a cost-effective way to enhance your services without the need to purchase licences for your own trading screens

Unify Increased Credibility

Increased credibility

With market prices and trend reports at their fingertips, your team can improve their insight into the market and boost credibility with your customers

Unify Greater Negotiating

Greater negotiating power

With a clear view of market prices, you’ll have greater negotiating power with suppliers, so you can get the best prices for you or your customers

Unify Easy Access

Easy to access

Our cloud-based screens can be accessed from anywhere you can access the internet, so your team can view prices whether they’re in the office or working remotely

*The prices quoted are the bid and offer at which SystemsLink would be prepared to transact, being reasonably reflective of the market at that point in time.

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Market Report Service

Take your insight further with our Market Report service. Industry leading Daily & Weekly Market reports, which can also be fully white labelled for distribution within your company or to your customers. Give your brand a boost with SystemsLink Market Insight reports.

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