Welcome to the World of Unify

A hub for all of your energy management, procurement and accounting needs.

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Unify brings together solutions for a wide variety of day-to-day challenges within the energy sector, for both end users as well as energy brokers and their clients.

Unify provides an app store for energy services, offering an ever-expandable set of tools to help equip users for the continually changing energy world.

Fully customisable for your organisation’s needs, services can be tailored to your specific requirements and business functions, while maintaining the option to add other tools as required.

Support is provided as standard for all levels of Unify service, to ensure you get the best from the platform.

Unify News

News and Events

Customisable news and events section allows you to make the portal more relevant for your organisation or your clients

Unify Activity Feed

Activity Feed

Allows for important client specific updates to be added, conveying positive news and milestone information on a more project-by-project basis

Unify Advertisements


Adverts can be added to direct users to new products or other potential services

Apps currently available:

The app tiles below allow you to enhance your service offering to your end users.

Uni Icon HP Marketeye

Market Eye

Provides access to live market prices for a wide range of UK gas and electricity traded markets

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Uni Icon HP Instantinsights

Instant Insights

Real-time 24/7 market news incorporated in a simple searchable interface

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Uni Icon HP Budgets


Allows the creation of budgets for any contract type in a structured and organised way, including future non-commodity cost forecasts

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Uni Icon HP Pricecast


A comprehensive SME pricing tool with whole market coverage

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Uni Icon HP Carbon Intensity

Carbon Intensity Report

Real time UK Generation Mix Carbon Intensity information

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Uni Icon HP Documentstore

Document Store

A cloud based library of documents or other items, that can be shared within your organisation and with your clients

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Uni Icon HP ICON


An information hub, providing industry and policy updates for the whole utilities sector

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SDG.Me Logo Full Colour Orange


Record carbon saving actions, achieve sustainable goals and share your SDGoodness

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Uni Icon Pdfauto Large

PDF Auto

A digital PDF scraping tool that will allow data from digital PDFs to be imported into your invoice validation and reporting application. 

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Coming Soon

Unify Queryportal

Advanced Query Portal

Sophisticated real-time supplier integrated query management portal with an advanced MI dashboard

The applications are all provided via a single sign on, meaning no long list of URLs or passwords to remember.

Unify also allows direct single sign on to your current Energy Manager application and web portal.

Furthermore, Unify can also house 3rd party applications and other web-based software, allowing all of your important software to be accessed from a single location, using a single sign on.